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We are the ThunderChickens!

“We have departments for electrical and mechanical and prototyping and PR, there’s cooperation, and the working together with the kids is just phenomenal. … These kids start off as these shy ninth and tenth graders, to being these team leaders and managing an undertaking of this magnitude.”

- Ronald Arscheene, Former mentor of the Thunder Chickens

Our Vision

Engineering New Ways to Cross The Road

We strive for cooperation and management to be put into the creation of our robots each year. Giving each student a chance to learn incredible skills is what we want to give to the people who are a part of this team.

Our Morales

Gracious Professionalism

Our team has always shown great team spirit in our competitions and understood the idea of having gracious professionalism. Even as competitive as we are, we know how to have a fun and make a joyful experience with everyone around us.


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ThunderQuest is a competition for teams part of the FLL and FTC that we hold. Learn more about this event in our ThunderQuest Page.

Come to our events:



January 7th - Season Kickoff - Twitch.tv

March 10th- District Comp - Wayne State University

March 24th - District Comp - Troy Athens HS

April 6th - State Comp - Saginaw Valley State University

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